Friday, December 26

In our hood*♥*

went to movie last night.. we(me n deen of course) watched 'the spirit' hmmm.. classic action kind of movie blehhh but okay lahh jua. ohh my goddddd eva mendes as 'sand saref'.. waaaah i just love to see her she is just so sexy and hot BEAUTIFUL laydeeeeh!! *how i wish to be just like you damn! HAHA (-_-!)/ "ggggrrrrrrrrrrr"

mai and duan(they look so gay ah)
ohhhhhh REDUAN my fren my neighbour!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!!!! hahahahahahaha wish you alllllll the best yo! i know you can do better;) *apakan* haha anyways, have fun yo! at work* haha:p jk!

something corny happened just now! blergggh hahahahha *lame*