Wednesday, February 5


was it that hard to just listen what i needed to say? im hurt. 

now, who's willing to listen to my story? who? i dont have friends to share, but with you why cant? why wont you listen? 

i tot ure someone important, i tott ur my savior. i tot ure just that someone whos gonna lift me up when i fall. 

so, i was wrong. 

Hard to believe! :'( im living this miserable life in my own. 

cant stop. Stucked.

Monday, October 21


everyday deep! emosional much! pergh

Tuesday, October 15

Oh why!

why didn't you listen!
why didn't you see!
why didn't you believe!
why didn't you try!
why didn't you stop!
why didn't you notice!
why didn't you realize!
why didn't you tell!
why didn't you say!
why didn't you feel!

what a day.

Wednesday, August 28


yes. i believe im a dreamer. i dream very well! :) at the end of it, all i could do is just smile:))


i missed so much of the most valuable times in my life. i should be having/spending that moment right now. no one understand, no one can and no one will. i could never know what my life heading to. but i believe in Allah SWT. InsyaAllah everything will turn out just fine. nothing in this world comes easy right? :')

Monday, August 26

she did

sigh. that was pretty obvious yo! how could you.. mcm kan mnjatuhkan org saja

Sunday, August 25


Friday, August 23

whats for breakfast?

Good morning. & im having buns and water as for today's breakfast. it is good to have a proper breakfast to start yr day.. it helps you to concentrate and give energy for your physical and mental! breakfast also considered as the best meal of the day..

here are some of the benefits it can provide:

  • A more nutritionally complete diet, higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Improved concentration and performance in the classroom or the boardroom
  • More strength and endurance to engage in physical activity
  • Lower cholesterol levels

Not forget to mention that breakfast eaters tend to weigh less than breakfast skippers. Like me! hehehehe not gonna expose tho! but really.. :)) i have no problem with my weigh and i dont care if i look super skinny (bukan yg mcm anorexic umkayy, FYI) or what so ever as long as im living my life in a healthy way so thats enough!
ok ciao for now. 


Thursday, August 22

My almighty..

you see.. Allah is very adil. just pray! keep on prayin. he always listens. thanks Ya Allah.. cant thank you enough for every single thing with what you did to me.. you are always there! waaaah im so relieved.. syukur Ya Allah... ilove you.