Sunday, October 25


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Its been a long time

on how to be a better person..

  1. Decide what it is that you consider a 'good' person to be. You can do this by observing people you love or respect, and by observing what causes people to make major mistakes or commit evil.
  2. Observe and befriend people who you consider a good influence, but don't expect them to be saints. They may make mistakes because they don't realize they have the virtues you see in them.
  3. Make changes slowly. Try one new behavior at a time. You cannot become a better person overnight. It takes time. It is a process. You should change your habits and your mind will follow.
  4. Remember that life goals can change, and who you are can change as well. Depending on your stage of life and situation. Never fail to re-evaluate and rediscover yourself.
  5. Make friends. If there is someone that works or lives near you that seems devoid of a friend, reach out and help them. It is incredible the difference one person can make if they become another's friend.
  6. Read. Read all of the time and about everything. People admire smart peers, and being well-educated means that you will be able to stick up for what you believe in by using fact.
  7. Live life to the fullest. Try out for that school sport. Volunteer at the soup kitchen. Write that journal. Fill your life to the brim with rewarding activities and enjoy the blessings that come of them.
  8. Boost your intelligence. The ability to perform mental tasks with ease is invaluable; taking simple steps in your daily life will help you to cultivate your brain power.
  9. Finish college. If you haven't gone yet, make a plan to do so. There are so many opportunities that you are missing out on if you refrain from getting a formal education. Job opportunities will be opened up, you will gain respect from colleagues, along with the bonus asset that you become more intelligent. It is never too late to go to school.
  10. Help others. If your best friend is in need of a lift, take him with you on your way to work. If your son is having trouble with his homework, try to take time to help him. When you help others, it not only makes you feel good, but you gain others' trust, which is invaluable to have. Helping out can also be a learning experience.
  11. Spend time with your family. It is truly a learning experience to all of you. Spending quality time away from the T.V. can help you delve into the minds and hearts of your loved ones, allowing you to help them with any problems they may be experiencing and getting to genuinely know them. Studies have shown that children that eat dinner as a family are less likely to do drugs, alcohol, or be depressed. Just fifteen minutes a day with family can deeply help everyone involved.
  12. Think before you speak - a good listener tends to be a good person, and trust from others will follow.
  13. Stay active. Being healthy and fit allows you to perform more tasks with ease and precision. Just thirty minutes of activity a day can help you lead a healthier, longer, more fruitful life. So what are you waiting for?
  14. Live a healthy lifestyle. If you want your car to perform to its fullest, you have to maintain it regularly and not abuse it. Treat your body with the same respect. Get ample sleep every night, eat/drink properly, and get exercise. You'd be amazed at how much body and mind are connected.
  15. Grow towards love everyday- We all have to live in this world together for at least a small amount of time and we are all here on purpose to learn the lessons of our actions. The way we can love is by being loving and thankful. There is wisdom in all things, and all are capable of tapping the experience of pure natural and whole being. THIS LIFE IS FOR LOVE. This simple truth which begins with gratitude, forgiveness and loving awareness is for us to see our imperfections and our potential perfection. None of us are perfect.
  16. Donate time to selfless love- When you give your body, mind, and strength to the loving force which is within us all and provides us with all we need. When we strike out to attack others we hurt ourselves. We get what we give.
  17. Love what you do, Do what you love- If we can finally admit that we are in need of something to fill the void in our life that eats at us every moment. Until we become aware of each action and the motive behind what we are doing. Why have we done what we have done. We can unchain ourselves from Karma to live more fully.
  18. Focus your mind on something positive- High motives and noble thoughts can be transferred into actions where we become aware of healing and helping all people because we are all brothers and sisters and deserve love no matter what the past or present or future. We give selfless love to all people in all times and all situations which may arise. There is justice in the world no matter what you see trust God and justice will come in a just time.
  19. Pick up your dreams- Give your dreams another look. Dream again with deep determination. Remain self consciously aware throughout your day. Just remain conscious even of anger in your mind and body. Your mind creates your body. Get a hold of yourself and don't be distracted by the outside forces of life. With selfless awareness you can create a positive mind which unfolds positively effortlessly. Everyday should be the best day of your life. Give fully and receive fully into yourself.
  20. Give quiet understanding- Love is the only cure to what ails you. We can enjoy company when we eat or pray or live and dream and grow together. All that you do should be for the benefit of all. Give fully of yourself to all in all energy of life for ALL times all of your forces are made of diverse energy. You must guide your energy consciously and make your mind unemotional and solid. It is not a restriction, it is a guidance.
  21. Don't force others into things you do. This involves religion, work, beliefs, culture, etc. Most people are happy with who they are, and won't necessarily respond positively to shoving. Remember, not all people are religious, so don't do things like edit wikis to say that "the only way to reach happiness is God." In fact, most people who aren't religious are just as happy as those who are. That being said, religion isn't a bad thing.
  22. Decide what it is making you feel you're a bad person. Everybody's different and you can't be somebody else. Accept that you are you and follow your heart. What you feel may be right, is probably right for you. You're yourself and everybody will just have to accept that.