Thursday, December 18


i know you like this one x)

hmm okay now blogging! haha
today is soooooo boringggggg!!! blablabla.. apa aaah?
i don't know what to post about eeeeeh?!!
well, let's just have a short post here.. hmm..
not about today, but about yesterday? okieee?
Last night, deen and i wtched the movie "the day the earth stood still" d empire and i think the movie was great? well, hmm okaylah ah syg..
so have u guys watched th movie? u better go lah watch! okay plang sja.. okaylah! majal. inda plang BERABIS siuk. ihh ntahih..
ohhh btw, THANKS again for blanja aah babe!
andd then, we'r off to some place and chit chatttttttt... and yahhh yknow!
and then, i missss you tia naaah! hahah i shudn't talk about it about you! teringat tia ku smalam.. waaa :( i miss you alreadyyy bby! hmmmph..
ailooooohh enough is enough ihh. i dont like typing...! haha.. nalih=)

waa jigglyjiggly lalalala.. Last night..! ooxoo

"go to sleep.. go to sleep.." ohhh hmmph i miss you singing tht fo me bfor sleep :( i love you=D mwaaaaaaa!