Sunday, December 27

more than love from you♥

'Cause i'm the best you ever had, your friends are just mad cause i'm the best they never had..
And, if you don't trust nothing you can trust that'

Wednesday, December 23

we can only learn to love by loving.

Love me without fear
Trust me without questioning
Need me without demanding
Want me without restrictions
Accept me without change
Desire me without inhibitions
For a love so free....
Will never fly away.


Nur Masyitaah :

Exuberant and cheerful.
Outgoing and affectionate.
Attention lover.
You desire respect.
Good sense of humor.
You appreciate kindness and return it.
Love to indulge in creative stuff.
Peace lover.
Sexy personality.
Good at keeping secrets.

Monday, December 14


Boys Before Flowers♥♡ (Korean)

I never get tired of watching this Korean Drama. HAHA and this is my 3rd or 4th?? haishhhhhh.. I love it bahhhh!! blame me for Loving them that much!! i dont bloody carrrre lah you!!

omg Kim Hyun Joong♥♡♥♡♥ :) ure sentimentel and i like it like it like that! nyiahahahah
Lee Min Ho.. =)

HMMMMPH how i wish.. hahahahahhaha :p:p:p:p

Wednesday, December 9


Real men don't cheat.
Real men don't lie.
Real men dont abuse women or children.
Real men stand up for what is right.
Real men show respect.
Real men have emotions.

A man who does not spend time with his family, partner, loved ones, can never be called a real man.

Real men aren't players.

Nice guys are also real men. Sometimes the person you least expect things to work out with will actually be the biggest surprize you might find.

Real men dont have a specific look so dont judge too fast....

Saturday, December 5