Sunday, September 21

sunday morning.

MORNING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry! i dnt know what to do.. hmmmff.. boring pagipagi annii eeeh.. cubatah aku ani pndai akhir bangun.. hmmmmmfffff.. boring ni hari aniiii..

(((yesterday was great.. Last night was fun..)))
THANKS to my baby.
sungkai at coffee zone=)
ia ambil brg arah sisternya=)
watched movie=)
bli brg for his brother=)
and balik.. =) -yesterday

phat sent me a msg early in the morning..
it says: "We r invitin all rockaballers mmbrs for a sungkai outin..location;NOT TELLING YOU PEOPLE..cost;$x per;mon...pls reply fr cnfrmation..thanks"

sooo itll be tomorrow. mwahahahahahah.. and i havnt replied to patin's text lagi..

to be continued......