Tuesday, September 2

bilah curi dari c mun. and me curi dri bielah. haa.

1. Three days from now, will you be a in relationship?
= i am now=)

2. What color are your eyes?
= black?

3. What does your second text say?
= it says ''Oh ok haha bAh2.. Txt me f ctah dah blik k''

4. How do you think your latest ex feels about you?
= idc.

5. Do you like what you see in the mirror?
= hmm..

6. What are you listening to right now?
= Rasheeda-my bubble gum.

7. What were you doing 46 seconds ago?
= di masjid=)

8. What are your plans for this weekend?
= hmm blum tahu.

9. Who are your best friends?
= Wtkm. Jigs. ;)

10. How is your room looking?
= hmm :s

11. Ask anything ridiculous lately?
= like?

12. What are you doing tomorrow?
= school? and blablabla..

13. What is your display name?
= Nur Masyitaah. :p

14. What are you wearing right now?
= shirt & short

15. What were you most looking forward to today?
= hmm :/

16. How is your hair?
= short.

17. As of today, do you like anyone?
= yes;)

18. Have you kissed anyone on the lips within the past 24 hours?
= ermmmmm.. nooope

19. Have you ever stayed awake for 48 hours?
= 24hrs pn na prnah? haa.

20. Did you stay friends with your ex?
= hmm? idk n idc.

21. Do you like your first name?
= ohh yes. =)

22. Do you like to cuddle?
= oh very.. :p

23. What are your initials?
= ~M~ sometimes C haha. majal.

24. Ever been skinny dipping?
= nu-uhh

25. Do you want someone back?
= who?

26. What is your biggest fear?
= God..

27. What is one thing you have learned this year?
= never give up:p

28. Are you from a small town?
= ermm.. awu kali? haha ntah? haa.

29. What are your favorite stores?
= manyakkss.

30. Why do people continue to smoke when they know the effects of it?
= babal wah tu dorang aaah! babal! haha:p *sorry*

31. What color are the curtains in your room?
= pink+blue+purple+green+yellow. haha colorful wah!

32. If you had the chance, would you move to another country?
= yes, please. bring em along lah aaa. c din apa atu la:p

33. What time did yu get up this morning?
= sahur time? ;) dlam 4+

34. Eyeliner or mascara?
= both;)

35. Do you have siblings?
= ohh yes and annoying bah dorang.

36. What color pants are you wearing?
= yellow.

37. Do you wear jewelry 24/7?
= glang sja. ehh inda jua 24/7 lah. haa

38. What kind of food is your favorite?
= junk food. cakes. yang ringanringan lah penting:p

39. Can you whistle?
= awu, tpi inda nyaring.

40. What was the last movie you watched?
= meet dave.

41. What color is your coat?
= brown n white.

42. Do you have a laptop or desktop?
= desktop

43. If you were pregnant, would you want it to be a boy or girl?
= i want girl dulu please!!!!!!!!!

44. Would you ever get a noticeable tattoo?
= inda.

45. Are you wearing shoes?
= nope.

46. What is the temperature?
= ohhh ermmm.. 27 degrees kali. hahaha mua mu aaah na ku tahu plg.

47. Have you ever been to counseling?
= ermmm? inda.

48. Are you annoyed right now?
= nooope

49. What kind of cell phone do you have?
= SE.

50. Do you like incense or candles?
= candles.

51. What is your new years resolution?
= why do you have tknow?