Friday, February 6

Congratulations cussies!

ami saufi and them=') i miss!!
from L to R: Fatin, Nurul Farah, Mamat, ami saufi, ahien, adeal and fairuz.

ahin adeal ctah

adeal me and ahin

me and Sharifah Fadilah. @adeal..

this is Sharifah Farahin @ ahin and me.

esspecially for you:
Adeal, (17th May 1990) 18 years old.. who is now in Ptrajaya, KL.
Also, Ahin (06th September 1991) 17 years old..

Both advanced :
*to take Degree by this July for Adeal
*and Diploma for Ahin.

Also, Adeal been offered by the financial, ACCA, CIMA, and might be twinning with University Liverpool for Adeal's Final year in UK. And she's still thinking about which one to pick:)

Congratulations ya!!! and Ami Saufi must be so proud to both of u.. He must be happy now=)
and i'm happy too and proud to have both of u as my cusins too..

all the best to both of you.. =D

p/s: ami.. auuu insyaallah ctah try my very best insyaallah=)