Wednesday, November 5


1. Pick a word that begins with the first letter of your name?

2. Your ex shows up randomly at your house, what do you say?
- hey, i miss u..
3. Is there a reason for your profile song?
- ahaha nooope;)

4. I bet you're missing someone right now...
- ohhh so-so much:p

5. Who was your last text message from?
- ma mahnnnn!!!

6. What's the best wedding you've been to?
- the best?? hmm entah? :D

7. If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
- SURE!!!!!

8. Is it okay if you kiss people when you're single?
- haha for me? it does not really matter! MWAHAHAHAHAHA JK!

9. Do you think you'll be married in 10 years?
- hmm insyaallah.

10. Would you kiss someone to make your ex bf/gf mad?
- uhhh?? no lah. haha if i do pun, aku buat suka hati ku punya pasal. bhapa ku mahu buat ia mad? ihh apakan? fuckforgt it!

11. Do you believe exes can really ever be "just friends"?
- yeeep;) and can be even more than just..... :p

12. Do you tell your mom everything?
- hmm almost everything=)

13. Could you cry right now?
- why do i cry for no reason? nope! :)

14. How's your ex doing?
- great=)

15. Who can you trust?
- trust no one for now=).

16. Who was the last person you kissed?
- c sudin? hahaha

17. What are your plans for the next weekend?
- next week end?? hmm watch movie kali. kali lah...

18. Do you love the person who you last thought of?
- yes i do=)

On a scale from one to ten, how tired are you?
` eight!

What is the relationship between you & the last person you texted?
` special friends:)

What did you do last night?
` tiduuuur.

Anything good/exciting happen to you lately?
` noot really.

What did you last eat?
` mee goreng.

If you could of chosen the color of the sky, what color would it be?
` baby buluee.

Who is the most influential person(s) in your life?
` no idea.

Are you on any kind of messenger right now?
` noope.

If so, is anyone talking to you?

Do you feel like you need to brush your teeth right now?
` not now..

What was the last song you listened to?
` babyface's

Looking forward to anything in the near future/future?
` hmm.. yeaah..

What color is your cell phone?
` silver

Are you still in school or are you graduated?
` undergraduate.

Anything sore/hurt right now?
` nope.

When was the last time you yelled at someone?
` yesterday.

What's bothering you right now?
` boredom:p

Do you have any pets? If so, what are they and what are their names?
` nadaa

Anything stuck in your teeth?
` noope

Do you know the difference between you're and your?
` haha yeaas

What is your favorite TV show?

Does anyone like/love you?
` yesss;)

What was/is your worst subject in school?

Do you like the feeling of a body part falling asleep?

Have you ever tried dog or cat food? If so, what was your opinion?
` haha my godddd!! luannn juaaa..

Who made dinner last night?
` mama.

Who would you like to see right now?
` hmm? ntah?

Is Global warming happening?

How's the weather today?
` rainy and just fine

What can your hear right now?
` clickin sound

Do you really care what people think about you?
` haha not really.

How's your hair right now?
` kusut.

Do you dislike/hate anyone?
` yes seorang ;) HAHA

How do you make your money?
` allowance and abah.

Are you there for your friends?
` yes

Are you a forgiving person?
` as munirah said "IT DEPENDS!!!" mwahahah

Do you still talk to the person you fell hardest for?
` hmm who? HAHA