Saturday, October 18

what a survey

The Usual Stuff.

Name: Nur Masyitaah.
Birthday: March 6th.
Age: 19.
Nicknames: Mash and Chtah..
Zodiac sign: Pisces =)
Sex: Feeehmale


Your best friend: Mun? and haha ramai yo.
Craziest: Craziest? I must say haha Syakwanah, Munirah and Keena. But, the craziest? hmm.. haha idk.
Cutest: Tikah AND Maidi
Friend with the best hair: best hair? Karan kali? haha
Friend you trust with all your secrets: hmm Munirah:s
Most understanding:
Last friend you went to the movies with: Mea
Happiest: Mun n Keena
Funniest: Duan
Weirdest: hmm entah.
Scariest: scariest? :s
Most outgoing: The Jigs;)
Spends the night at your house the most: Tkm..
Has the cutest brother/sister: idk. Haha
Friend you would most likely die for: uh? haha
Texts you the most: idk

Do you have any tattoos? If so, what of?: I don't have any tattoos.

What’s the last thing you bought?: easi card? haha

Do you have a job? If so, where?: ennoooh..

Last 4 digits of the last phone you dialed: 55**

What is in your pockets right now?: have no pockets rn..

Have you ever been in the hospital for more than a day?: yeaap.

How many days is your record for time spent in a hospital?: a week or more? haha lupa.

Why did you have to go to the hospital?: due to pregnancy? haha im kiddin man!

How long has it been since you went to the mall?: hmm wait.. i wen to the mall last ermm wednsday kali:p

What’s the last movie you saw in a theater?: Bunny House

Have you ever thrown a party in which complete strangers have attended?: no.

Would you ever name your kid True?: ah? True? hehe sounds errr wow extraordinary:p mwahahaha

Would you make fun of some1 if you knew their name was True?: hehe inda:p

Do you look more like your mom or your dad?: err? ntah? haha

How tall are you? 5 ft +

What’s your name again?: Mash

Do you believe in God?: Yes i do.

Do you pray often?: ? ermm.. hee. sedang~ sorry:p

What’s your biggest fear?: God pulang..

Do you believe in love at first sight?: ermm.. no comment.

Have you ever been in a car accident?: oh yes.:/

Who was driving?: Mai

Did anybody not survive?: hmm we all survived that night, Thank God. =D

What is your lucky number?: 6

Do you still believe in the tooth fairy?: haha

Does the tooth fairy still give you money?: haha

If so, did someone knock out your teeth?: haha

Have you ever been drunk?: haha inda.

Have you ever gotten high?: haha inda.

Have you ever been on the radio?: hahaha lagi inda:p

Have you ever been on TV?: haha it was a long time ago:p

Have you ever been in a movie?: haha no

Do you have a cellphone?: haha awu

Do you have a pager?: manada

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?: july 12th:s

Why are all the fun things illegal?: hmm.. ask Tok Imam.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?: vanilla.

Who is your favorite person to talk to offline?:

Who is your favorite person to talk to online?:

Who do you wish you were talking to right now?: that guy~

Do you have any nicknames that you liked that your friends no longer use? no?

Who is your hero?: who? who wud that be? abah? kekeke

What is your favorite day of the week?: thurs and sat.

What is your least favorite day of the week?: eeyw mon and tus.

Do you like rain?: bolehla~

Do you think lightning is awesome?: hah?

What is your favorite word?: entah:p

If you could visit any country, where would you go?: Arab Saudi, Hawaii:p

How long would you want to stay?: Forever:p hahahaha

Who would you want to take with you?: special one;)

How old is your best friend?: 18-22 kali? :p

How old does your best friend act?: 2-6 haha labihhhh~

When you were young what did you want to be when you grew up?: lawyer yaw. haha berigali jua tu angan angan ku ah:p haha nada menjadi. :p LANGSUNGE!

What do you want to be now?: Engineer in... haha:p

Do you think you were an adorable little kid?: nooo :v

What were the names of your imaginary friends?: haaah?

Do you have any pennies sitting on your computer desk?: haha yaah

What is the most unique thing about your bedroom?: haha haha haha idk.

Do you have a black light?: no

Do you have glow-in-the-dark stars?: yea~

Do you have anything that glows in the dark?: yea~

What color is your pillow case?: pink and blue

What is your favorite thing to wear to bed?: ntah apakanni namanya baju ani yg panjang ani. :p soorrryy

Do you like Pepsi or Coke better?: hahahaha seriously, duadua inda. nada yg better jua:p

Can you tell a difference?: the tin's colour hahahaha

What are you thinking about right now?: hmm hmm hmm.. idk

What is your favorite song to listen to when you are mad?: hehehe

What is the last song you listened to?: hmmmf ngaleeeh ku iiih.

How many times have you had the chicken pox?: once

The Good Stuff

Do you have a girl/boyfriend?: nooo~

What is his/her name?: Nada name

How long have you been together?: nada togethergether.

Do you love him/her?: who?

Are you in love with him/her?: uuui siapakan?

Are you a virgin?: hmm yes

How many people have you slept with?: auni, mama, abah, cousinsku kawanku Entah kau ih.

Can you still name them all?: tuuuuu

When was the last time you had sex?: buuuusiiit.

How long was your longest crush?: ahaha?

How old were you when you lost your virginity?: f++k u ih..

Do you regret losing it?: siiitsit..

Who did you lose it to?: apakan? aku virgin bah pemajal.

How old were they when it happened?: haha gilbai qs nya ani..

Did you use protection?: HAAHAHA GOOD STUFF atuunnnnnarr

Other Stuff

What is your favorite emotion?: happpy

When you go to the movies do you throw stuff at people?: hehe inda:)

When you go to the movies do you throw stuff at the movie screen?: inda:)

How many times have you been kicked out of the movies?: nada pernah:)

Have you ever been kicked out of a grocery store?: hahahah never haha :p mcmtahh..

What annoys you the most?: hmm apa? ni ni..

Who annoys you the most?: hmm.. c kaling bollywood hahaha

Do you know any fake people? (People who act nice to you to your face but then talk about you
behind your back): ohhh yes

What are their names?: manian.. dotdotdot hahahahahahahaha ia jealous wah tu:p mwahahah

Where did you meet them?: school

How long have you known them?: baru:p

Did you ever want to smack them?: haha no.. idc yaw

Did you ever smack them?: hhehe inda sayang

What’s your favorite subject in school? Engineering Science.. noooot!

What’s your least favorite subject in school?: bah..

Who is your all-time favorite teacher?: haha Mr. Sinfronio:p haha Sir Rajimi;)

What school do you go to?: Mtssr.

What is the mascot at your school? ermmm..ermm?

What grade are you in?: pre.

What grade are you supposed to be in?: Nd.

What is your favorite song?: a lot baby..

What song reminds you of yourself?: hmm..

What is your best friend’s birthday?: hahaha

Would you rather have friendship or love?: friendship and love=)

What makes you nervous?: ermmm..

Describe yourself in five words: Mash, Ctah, Masyitaah, syitah and itah=P HAHAHAHAHA

If you knew the truth was gonna hurt you would you still wanna hear it?: Nooooooooooooo~ oh btw, i hate you. ;) hehe. sorry lady.

Do long distance relationships work?: idk.

Would you change yourself to make someone else happy?: hmm yea:(

What one thing makes you happy?: familia and friends=)

What phrase or saying do you use the most?: entah kau jubur!

Who is the biggest flirt you know?: haha ermm? keena kali? hahah nadalah. na tahu.

Do they ever flirt with your crush?: haha awuuu!! fuck u keena! :p i love you.

Do you ever want to hurt them?: No=)

Do they know you like that person?: haha YES! tiao nie keena! :p

Are you glad this survey is over?:

haha very much!! =D